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10 09 2007
Jennifer Lopez fait son grand retour avec son nouvel album "Brave" qui sortira début Octobre. En attendant mattez vous le clip du premier single "Do it Well" avec les paroles!

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Les paroles

jennifer lopez Do it, do it
You do it, do it
You're doing it well

Here's the thing
I was minding my own business doing what I do
I wasn’t trying look for anything
All of a sudden couldn’t take my eyes off you
I didn’t even know if you could tell
That you had me in a daze
Saying what the hell
Here's my name, number
Baby just hit my cell
Loving everything you do
‘Cause you do it well
Don’t know what you got me thinking

You ain’t even trying play me boy
‘Cause you're so good, and you're so fine
Got me saying crazy things, listen

I Ain’t ever met a man like that (no)
I Ain’t ever fell so far, so fast (no)
You can turn me on, throw me off track
Boy you do it, do it
You do it, do it
You're doing it well

Oh yeah...

Let me tell you how its gonna go
You and me, gonna need a little privacy
I don’t wanna do the dance, no do-si-do
I’m a one woman man seven days a week
Quit trying play it cool
Boy make your move
I told you how it is
Nothing to lose
You been staring over here all night for free
And I ain’t taking no cash or credit, just a guarantee
There ain’t nobody else but me boy



Baby no need for false fretenses
Think you just shocked me to my senses
Everything that you do feels right

Do it, do it
Do it, do it all night

[Chorus 2x]
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17 09 2007
khersa :

[serpent] c'est une tres belle chanson .encore une belle chose

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